LiveSportStream is an online sports streaming index. we list streams submitted by webmasters. users can find many streams for each event and choose the one they like best, and webmasters can get viewers to watch their streams.


we struggled to find a stream for our favorite events after certain changes to the online streaming landscape, and it did not seem like the situation was improving. the few existing streaming websites are a quick way for their administrators to make easy cash as they are filled with advertisements and scams. this is why we decided to create LiveSportStream.


LiveSportStream has been in development for more than we initially expected, because we have implemented a completely home-brewn system. the site was launched on the 25th of february 2016 after two rounds of testing demonstrated its readiness to face the masses.


LiveSportStream serves visitors first and webmasters second. this will never change. we provide visitors with excellent streams and webmasters who submit their streams get viewers to watch them. the way it works is quite simple; webmaster submit their streams and visitors watch the streams. we only act as an index to filter bad streams and keep everything in order.

our promise to our visitors

LiveSportStream exists due to our own frustration in all streaming websites and the last thing we want is to become just another one.

LiveSportStream promises to take user feedback very seriously and take action if needed. we promise that your experience in finding and watching streams will always remain our absolute top priority. we promise to do our best, and we are hopeful that our best is satisfactory. if it is not, please tell us.

our policies

our policies are very simple and coherent:

  • users always come first.
  • clear and easy to use design.
  • the best content, always and forever.